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3 Authentication and state

Before you can use any other API functions, you need to login:

     ;; If the first argument is non-NIL, a verify_credentials call is made
     ;; to twitter. The username and password are assumed to be
     ;; twit:*username* and twit:*password* by default.
     (twit:login t)
     ;; You can also explicitly specify the username and password using
     ;; twit:login
     (twit:login t "username" "password")

Use (twit:forget-state) to forget the current session state. This will clear the last noticed status/message ids for functions like timeline, messages, etc. (twit:logout) will also clear the username and password.

(twit:m-rate-limit-status) returns a rate-limit object which gives the number of hits remaining this hour, the reset time for the rate limit counter, etc.