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4 Status messages

To see your latest updates (equivalent to /home on twitter), enter

     ;; See just the five latest updates
     (twit:timeline :count 5)

To see a user's timeline (equivalent to a user's profile page),

     (twit:user-timeline "username")

To create a new update,

     (twit:update "My latest tweet!")

To see the latest @replies sent to you,


(twit:last-displayed-statuses) displays the list of statuses returned by the last call to either twit:timeline, twit:user-timeline or twit:@replies.

To reply to a particular status, use reply-to or @reply-to. Note that the message string is used as a format control string. The corresponding format args can be passed as the rest args to these functions.

     ;; reply to the 3rd status from the last displayed list of statuses
     (twit:reply-to 2 "@username Here, have your reply!")
     ;; reply to the status with status-id "123456789"
     (twit:reply-to "123456789" "@username Here, have your reply!")
     ;; @reply-to automatically determines the screenname of the sender of
     ;; the status being replied to, and prepends it to the text
     ;; When using @reply-to, the status text below is transformed to
     ;; "@username Here, have your reply!"
     (twit:@reply-to "123456789" "Here, have your reply!")